1) Providing Essential Equipment and Supplies 

This was a Global Grant project. We provided Teaching hospital Jaffna with essential equipment, namely Ventilators in the ICU for those patients with severe manifestation of COVID-19 and provided equipment for testing and required personal protective equipment (PPE) to the Medical Faculty of University of Colombo. 

The following items were provided as a part of this project: 4 X ICU ventilators, SARS CoV -2 CE-IVD certified validated commercial real time PCR assay’ samples, supplies & consumables for COVID 19 testing, PPEs and refrigerators. 

Teaching Hospital Jaffna is the territory referral hospital and is designated as the COVID-19 treatment hub for Northern Province of Sri Lanka. Microbiology Laboratary of Medical Faculty of University of Colombo is one of the key preference laboratories undertaking Cornovirus testing in Sri Lanka.

  • Beneficiaries: 750,000
  • Budget LKR Budget LKR 20.5Mn.
  • Project Start Date 01-Jul-2020 and Project end date 10-Jan-2021
  • Partners: Rotary club of The Hills Kellyville, Australia, RID 9685, The Rotary Foundation, Australian Medical Aid Foundation

Covid Equipment to Jaffna Hospital And Colombo University

Donated medical equipment, consumables & PPE to the Jaffna hospital and donated COVID PCR accessories, re-agents and furniture to the Testing Center of the Medical Faculty of Colombo University.  This project helps the hospital to Provide timely testing and diagnostics of COVID-19 infected patients and protect the front line medical personal. Also, we donated N95 masks, disposable masks and sanitizer liquid to the medical faculty of the University of Jaffna. 

Teaching hospital Jaffna in the primary hospital in the Northern province and caters to a population of over 750,000.  They needed urgent equipment to upgrade the facilities of their ICU to cater to the COVID 19 patients. The medical faculties of the Universities of Colombo and Jaffna were a testing centers for Covid and they were in need of Personal protective equipment for their workers and students.

  • Partners: RC of The Hills Kellyville, Australia, RID 9685, TRF, and Australian Medical Aid Foundation
  • Budget LKR 9.8Mn.
  • Start Date 1st July 2020 and end date 10th January 2021

Essential Medical Equipment for Chettikulam Base Hospital GG

This is a Global grant project. We donated medical equipment to Chettikulam base hospital, to bring the hospital up to a reasonable standard to provide the necessary service to the community.  The items donated by us are: 

  • 5 no.s Finger Pulse Oxymeter,
  • 1 no. Ultra Sound Scaner
  • 5 no.s Syringe Pumps
  • 1 no, Dental Chair
  • 2 no.s Multi Para Monitors

The Chettikulam base hospital caters to more than 100,000 in population covering areas in parts of Vavuniya, Mannar and Anuradhapura Districts. There are 8 medical officers, 3 Dental Surgeons and three visiting consultants (pediatrician, physician, surgeon). The hospital has provision for 87 in patients and an operation theatre in addition to 5 dialysis beds. The hospital on average has 250 – 300 outpatients a day. 

  • Partners: Rotary club of The Hills Kellyville, Australia, RID 9685, The Rotary Foundation, Australian Medical Aid Foundation, Tamil Engineers Foundation
  • Budget LKR 7 Mn.
  • Start Date 1st July 2020 and end date 10th January 2021

Covid Prevention Facilities to a Primary School

This school, Dr. Thanninayagam Tamil School is in a remote area and has about 150 students & 15 teachers. We provided Pedal sink, sanitizers, foot carpet and face masks to this Under privilege school in Borella, Colombo.

  • Start Date 3rd July 2020 and end date 6th July 2020
  • Amount : LKR 30,000

Donation of PPE to Jaffna Medical Faculty

We donated 5000 no. of face masks and 500 gloves to the Medical Faculty of Jaffna University. This project was done in partnership with District Covid Task Force.

  • Start Date 3rd July 2020 and end date 28th November 2020
  • Budget LKR 200,000
  • It benefits about 1000 students, lecturers and technicians  

Provided facilities to a school to combat Covid 19

We worked with Rotaract club of the Royal institute of Higher studies to donate wash basin, masks and sanitizers to a poor school in Ratnapura.

Start Date 4st August 2020 and end date 20th August 2020